ViSalus and the Body by Vi™ Challenge

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I am so excited about ViSalus and the Body by Vi Challenge! Can you believe that they have helped people lose over 2 million pounds in the last year, have over 10,000 new people joining the Challenge each month, and were the recent cover story in Success From Home Magazine that hit newsstands all across North America?! This thing is exploding!


The Body by Vi Challenge was created by a company called ViSalus Sciences®, one of the fastest growing health phenomena in the world today. The Challenge is about people like us transforming our bodies over the next 90 days. Whether we have a certain weight we’d love to reach, want to live a more active lifestyle, or are more fitness focused, ViSalus is challenging us to set a personal goal and make our health a priority for at least 90 days! We all have something that could use a little improvement, don’t we? For a little extra motivation, the Body by Vi Challenge is giving away over $100,000 a year in prizes like free cruises & Hollywood makeovers to those with the best transformations. I love it because it’s SIMPLE!


All you have to do is set a 90 day goal, use 1 of 4 ViSalus Body by Vi Challenge Kits, and let the products do the rest! Because each kit is centered around the Vi-Shape meal replacement shake, we won’t be adding any additional cost to our budgets. All we’re doing is taking the money we’re currently spending on eating out and grocery bills and putting it toward a simpler, faster, and much healthier option! Most people who start the Challenge end up sharing it with others—kind of like I am doing right now! :)


Saving money on your food bills is already a great deal for all, but it gets even better. They have a program called Refer 3 get your next month Free! Simply refer 3 others to the same or greater Challenge Kit as you, and they’ll ship your next kit for free! Maintain 3, and your products is always FREE! Who do you know right now that may want to lose a few pounds, build some lean muscle, or maybe just focus on their health with you for 90 days? I bet you know more than 3… so you can earn your product for FREE! For those who really love promoting the Challenge, they even created a career path where people can earn spare time, part time, or full time income by simply sharing the Challenge with others. Tell enough people about it, and we can even earn a ViSalus BMW!


They have had close to 1,500 already qualify for their BMW Bonus, and right now are averaging close to 3 BMW qualifiers a day! How fun would that be? Let’s be real…In this economy, who wouldn’t want to save money on food, make a little extra income helping people get healthy, and get their car payment covered by ViSalus?

Click the Contact Us link now for more information or call us at 305-801-6574.

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Friends, we all want to look fit and healthy. But, I am sure that many of you have failed to keep your body, in that perfect shape for which you all desire. Overweight or obesity at present, is one of the most common problems found in many teenagers and adults. People suffering with overweight problem face a lot of embarrassment and have hesitation to face the general public. Well, there are numerous reasons because of which you become fat and your body looks unhealthy and badly shaped. And due to this, you are not able to wear the latest tends in fashion and you get forced to buy and wear oversized clothes. Many people try various weight reduction programs, dietary supplements and other options, but finally the result is not as expected. So, if you want to look fit and healthy again, then it is very essential for you to choose the correct and effective method of weight loss. But now there is a solution to this problem and that is “Body by Vi”. The Body By Vi diet can help you get rid of unfit and oversize body within just 90 days.

About the Company -
The company was launched in the year 2005 by Nick Sarnicola, Blake Mallen and Ryan Blair. The Visalus sciences company has launched several body transformation packages under the name “Body By Vi”. If you desire for a better health, better lifestyle and better body, then just try their 90 days Body by Vi packages to get the desired results. Thousands of people around the world are using, “Body by Vi 90 days Challenge” transformation packages to reduce their weight and to look fit and healthy.

vi challengeAbout the products-
Body By Vi transformation kits contain Visalus shakes. These visalus shakes are specially formulated health drinks that are designed to boost your metabolism rate and thereby helping you to reduce weight. The visalus shakes have been mixed with different flavors so as to make them taste better. The challenge packages are classified into 4 categories: -
1) Body by Vi Balance kit,
2) Visalus Body by Vi Shape kit,
3) Body by Vi Core kit, and
4) Body by Vi diet shakes transformation kit.

Depending upon your body and your goal, you should choose the appropriate challenge kit.

1) Body by Vi Balance kit- This kit will help you to maintain good health and good lifestyle. The kit contains 30 highly nutritious servings and Vi-Shape nutritional mix (core product of Visalus Sciences). Each serving has to taken by replacing any one meal per day. These servings maintain good nutritional balance within your body and make you fit and healthy. In addition to this, the kit also contains assortment of health flavors to add different flavors to your weight reducing shake, without compromising on your health.

2) Visalus Body by Vi Shape kit- It is a one month supply kit, serving 2 full meals of a day with proper nutrition. This kit contains sixty servings of shakes mixed with different flavor add-ons. Each flavor is packed in a different box. These flavors are added to make your shake taste better. These shakes provide your body with all the required essential vitamins and minerals. This kit helps you to keep your body in proper shape.

3) Body by Vi Core kit- It is a one month supply kit with 30 servings, i.e., one serving for one meal per day. It contains 2 boxes of Visalus Neuro, Visalus Vi pak and thirty pouches of shakes in different flavors. The shakes are a complex blend or mix of calcium, fibre, digestive enzymes and prebiotics. This kit is formulated with energy providing and anti-aging formula along with balanced concentration of vitamins and minerals. Just one shake per day will maintain your body’s nutrition requirement for the entire day and will also enhance the digestion capability of your stomach. Vi pack gives good nutrition supply from head to toe. It keeps you sharp and improves your brain function.

4) Body by Vi complete transformation kit- The kit is packed with the ultimate weight reducing and body shaping ingredients, for giving you the maximum results. It is a one month supply kit which includes 30 servings of meal ( one serving for one meal per day) and 30 servings of weight loss kit (one serving for one day). This challenge kit also contains nutritious milk shakes in different health flavors: Vi- Trim control drink mix-1 box, Neuro smart energy mix-2 boxes, Vi-Pak omega capsules- 1 bottle, and Vi-Slim vitamin tablets- 1 box.
Each serving provides- 1 gram of fat, 205 gram of sodium, 13 grams of sugar, 31 grams of carbohydrates, 9 grams of fiber and 225 calories.
Looking at all the reviews and testimonials available, one can be sure that the product definitely works.

So, set your goal and select the kit that suits you best and you will see the change within just few weeks.

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Body by Vi, or Visalus, has taken the world by storm. As a distributor or promoter of Visalus products you will market the 90 Day Challenge and be rewarded with fame, fortune, and for the lucky few even a Mercedes Benz based on your sales volume and the amount of sales by the members of your team.

Sounds Great! How Do I Get Started?

Click here to become a ViSalus Promoter

In order to become a Body by Vi promoter, or a Visalus Distributor as it is also known, simply decide which sales distributor kit will best help you get your business up and running and hit up the online enrolment form on the Visalus website.

The Steps

1. To become and official member of the Body by Vi distribution family, simply visit: press the PROMOTE THE CHALLENGE icon. This will provide instant access to the available distributor kits.
2. Enter your location and follow the prompts for the BECOME A PROMOTER option.
3. Purchase the Visalus sales distributor kit that you feel will most benefit your business while you are still starting out. The kits are listed below.

The Three Sales Distributor Kits Available

THE BASIC VISALUS DISTRIBUTION KIT: Anyone considering this start up package would be wise to include that option of adding a shake kit to their order. The Body by Vi shakes are best sellers, yet not available with this kit option.

The basic distributor kit is well suited for anyone looking to test out the potentials of the Visalus sales business without risking too much of an upfront investment. Available for $49.00 (not including the cost of an added shake kit) the starter kit offers a combined product value of $125.00.

Samples are included.

THE MID LEVEL VISALUS DISTRIBUTION KIT: The ESS kit is available for $499.00 and does not require the addition of any shake kits since the product is included in the kit by default.

The primary differences that exist between the ESS kit and the BASIC version are as follows:

• The ESS kit includes products
• The ESS kit qualifies distributers to participate in the exclusive BMW challenge and several other lucrative bonus pools.
• ESS distributors are given access to first rate training programs.

The steps to qualify to generate income as an ESS distributor are the same as those of a basic distributor: A DISTRIBUTOR MUST HAVE A COMBINED PRODUCT SALES VOLUME OF $125.

Given that the kit costs $499.00 upfront, ESS distributors automatically qualify for revenue generation since that product volume will be counted towards their quota.

NOTE: Most successful distributors select a challenge kit of choice as their monthly autoship. This can be edited or cancelled if needed.

THE ELITE VISALUS DISTRIBUTOR KIT: Named the STAR kit, this kit is available for an investment of $999.00 dollars and includes the same contents as the mid level version, but includes WAY more samples to entice potential consumers with.

Anyone looking to give themselves a running start will appreciate this kit since it provides enough sample product to market to 50 people right from day one. The compensation does not differ from any of the other two kits.

So What Kit is Best?

Most distributors would recommend that anyone new to the business start out with the mid level kit since it provides everything needed to build the business from the ground up, but, not at such an investment that loss would be devastating.

As with anything, it is a personal and financial choice. But, understand that hard work and dedication will pay off and you will likely earn back your investment in the first 60 days.

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product neuro 300x253 ViSalus NEURO™ FAQ


1. How is this product healthy?

Our energy drink provides more nutrition than the leading brands. We combine a patent pending combination of ingredients to provide healthy energy. Other brands may use high levels of caffeine and sugar to give you that ‘lift,’ only to have you crash shortly thereafter. They may also use high levels of taurine to make your body respond, which can make some people feel jittery. Our patent pending blend provides Rhodiola extract to help refresh your brain, boost your alertness and boost mental acuity. We also included DMAE (2-di-methlaminoehtanol), a natural compound that releases neuron transmitting compound (acetylcholine) and speeds neural transmission safely and effectively.

We provide about 1/4 cup of coffee worth of natural caffeine to stimulate the body, combined with a B vitamin blend to help support sustained energy. We then add vitamin C, because we know that when you are tired, it often means your body is also under stress and needs to defend itself.

 2. Why is it better than other energy brands?

Our product offers 3 key benefits: Mental alertness/acuity, Physical energy, and great portability and convenience. We have less caffeine, no sugar spikes, great taste and it’s easy to use… is there more? Throw one in your gym bag or purse instead of carrying around a can or two of the other brands. It is also low sodium and tastes great.

 3. Who should take the product?

Our product was designed for young adults and beyond. The FDA does not have guidelines for caffeine intake as it relates to kids, though they recommend no more than 45mg per day of caffeine for younger children. With all the soda consumed today, it is likely children are drinking at least that amount already if not more. Our product has about the same amount of caffeine as one can of orange soda or cola. Our recommendation is that you ask your doctor before giving it to children. Pregnant and lactating women should not use this product. It is not recommended for children.

 4. Can I mix it in other liquids besides water?

Yes! For flavor variety any time of day, try mixing it with water, juice, lemonade, iced tea, hot tea, or other beverages of your choice.

 5. How many can I drink per day?

The US Government recommends that adults target no more than 240mg of caffeine per day. Therefore you can easily consume 2-4 per day and be under that amount. At a high 4 per day (most people will drink 1-2 per day); your customer can still enjoy their morning coffee.

 6. With the high levels of B vitamins, and C Vitamins, is there a risk of getting too much if I take this and the Vi-PAK?

There are no known adverse effects of Vitamin B consumption. For Vitamin C, you’d have to consume over 3,000 mg before most effects of gastrointestinal disturbances are noticed. The levels or RDA are not based on the required or ideal levels, but are the minimum threshold that everyone should consume.

 7. Are there any allergens in the product?

None of the ingredients are known allergens. As with any product, each person may respond differently, but we are not aware of any known issues.

 8. Can people with high blood pressure or on heart medications take the product?

Our level of caffeine is low, and should not interfere with blood pressure medications at the 1-3 per day level. However, cardiovascular diseases should be managed with physician care, so we recommend you speak to your doctor before consuming ViSalus NEURO™. The product is low sodium.

9. Isn’t caffeine bad for you? Why is it in the product?

Caffeine is known to help stimulate the brain and body. Though there is no nutritional need for caffeine, moderate caffeine intake is not associated with any known health risk. There are conflicting opinions on how much is safe for pregnant women or children. If you are concerned, we recommend you speak to your physician. The FDA recommends that adults try to limit daily caffeine intake to 240mg. To achieve that level, you’d need to drink over 5 servings per day of NEURO™. As with all conflicting clinical data, there is some clinical evidence that caffeine may actually help with Alzheimer’s and other diseases.

 10. Why artificial sweeteners?

The formula contains herbs, which can be difficult to make taste good using sugar as a sweetener. Sugar can also cause a high, followed by a low as it enters the body, which defeats the purpose of energy production. It also appeals to a wide audience, as industry data shows that 69% of consumers want low to no sugar products. While some people are concerned with safety, there are no known studies linking the use of the sweeteners we’ve selected with health risks. While Stevia is an herb that can provide sweetness, the US government currently does not allow it to be combined into food supplements/foods as a sweetening agent.

 11. Why these two flavors?

We selected the two flavors that will appeal to the widest number of people. The flavors also offer variety, and worked well with our unique blend of ingredients.

 12. Why a powder mix and not a liquid in a can?

Portability, sampling, and the ability to mix with multiple liquids made powder the smart choice. This provides the utmost in convenience and personalization. Plus, it’s easier to ship to your customers, costing them less.

 13. Does NEURO meet the guidelines for athletic usage?

Yes. NEURO contains no ingredients on the Olympic banned substances list. With arginine and low caffeine, athletes may enjoy using the product.

 14. Our Vi-PAK helps with energy. Why are we offering this product?

Our mission is to spread the word about good nutrition around the world. To that end, we are developing products that speak to different ages, genders, and cultural backgrounds. Currently, the average age of our distributors is 44. We believe that offering a healthy energy drink will appeal to a wide age group, and attract younger people to the ViSalus brand. Additionally, even though we are healthier and have more natural energy with the Vi-PAK®, there are those days we can all feel a bit in a fog. Perhaps we have an exam we are studying for, or a big presentation to make. Our energy drink will help the brain as well as the body feel more refreshed for those moments in which we all need a little lift. And, with the price point, it may help you attract a new customer to the ViSalus name.

Banner Neuro03 ViSalus NEURO™ FAQ


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Body by Vi in Five! with Blake Mallen

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Body by Vi in Five! with Blake Mallen on Vimeo.

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ViSalus Body by Vi™ FAQs

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 46855 464018492245 553987245 6454923 577424 n2 200x300 ViSalus Body by Vi™ FAQs: 

1. What is “Body by Vi™?”

ViSalus Body by Vi™ is an innovative solution to getting into better shape, no matter if you want to slim down, tone up or build muscle. No other program is as comprehensive, or as easy!

ViSalus™ has created Body by Vi™, combining our unique and life transforming products along with our online and offline support tools. No one else can offer the same comprehensive program that includes a simple nutritional program with recipes, menu plans, exercise videos and programs, and online community support. If you’d rather not get weighed in public, eat expensive foods, or watch endless exercise videos that aren’t targeted to your specific needs, then this is the program for you!

Body by Vi™ was designed to fit within the reality of your life. We have sensible meal plans that allow you to ‘cheat’ now and then, along with reminders you can send to your email or phone to help keep you on track with your supplements, and fast, fresh, and fun recipes.

Body by Vi™ is a 90 day challenge that helps people transform their lives. And the products are bundled to maximize results and nutrition. Combine that with a special prices that shave up to $123 off normal retail prices, and there is no reason not to join!

2. How is this different than the ViSalus TSS™ program?

This program combines the best of ViSalus. It utilizes key components of the Trim Slim Shape™ Program, combined with energizing ViSalus NEURO™, and health supporting Omega Vitals for essential oil support from the Vi-pak®.

For those that want all the life enhancing components of the Vi-pak, we have a simple ‘upgrade’ option that can easily be added for a discount, too.

3. What is in the kit?

There are three kits in the Body by Vi™ program.

 A. The most preferred kit is the “Transformation” Kit, which gives you the best value and the most product and tools to help you towards your total body transformation. This kit combines 2 pouches of Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix (60 servings for 2 meals per day, for 30 days), 1 bottle of Vi-Slim® to help burn fat and support lean muscle, 1 box of Vi-Trim® to control hunger, 3 of our most popular Health Flavors for variety, convenience and flavor, Omega Vitals to provide essential oil benefits, and 2 boxes of ViSalus NEURO™ (1 of each flavor) to assist in energy and hydration. The kit also includes a simple log on process and free access to the Vi-Net™ Health Membership site for 30 days, to provide tips, tools recipes, exercise videos and more.

B. The “Shape” Kit is for someone looking to use the Vi-Shape® shake from our TSS Program to help them slim down or tone up. This kit combines 2 Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake mix pouches to provide 60 balanced meals over 60 days. It also includes two boxes of Health Flavor Mix-Ins for variety and nutritional support, along with the Vi-Net™ Health Membership site for 30 days, to provide tips, tools, recipes, exercise videos and more.

C. The “Balance” Kit is for someone that wants to embark on the journey to healthier eating habits. This kit has 1 Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake mix to provide 30 balanced meals over 30 days. It also includes 1 box of our Health Flavor Mix-Ins for variety and added nutrition, along with the Vi-Net™ Health Membership site for 30

4. Does purchasing a kit provide more value?

Yes. Because we want everyone to experience the life enhancing transformation, the “Transformation” Kit has the largest value by saving you over $123 off of normal retail prices from ordering the products individually. The “Shape” Kit saves you over $56 from normal retail, and the Shape kit saves over $32 from normal retail prices.

5. Is it expensive?

No. In fact, it can SAVE you money. The program provides 2 full meals, and all the nutrition you need to be healthy and help transform your body. The cost per day for the program is less than many people spend on ONE fast food lunch, or breakfast on the go. And it provides much more nutrition and health support, for maximum transformation.

 6. Do I need to exercise?

The program is designed to help you lose weight, even if you don’t exercise. However, to really transform your body and get in great shape, we do recommend exercise. This is why we provide two types of exercise plans – one for the person just getting started, and one for the person that wants a firmer physique. There are also instructional videos online for more information and education on how to exercise.

7. How do I maintain my weight?

It’s simple! Once you have reached your goal, transition to our “Core” Kit, and save $105 off normal retail prices. The Core kit provides one 30 Serving Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix to help provide balanced nutrition to start your day. Starting your day with the shake for breakfast helps fuel the body, and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. The “Core” Kit also includes one box of our Chocolate Cardia Care Health Flavor Mix-In, and one box of Banana Energy Charge Health Flavor Mix-In for added flavor, variety, and nutritional support. There are 2 boxes of ViSalus NEURO™ (one of each flavor) to help you maintain healthy energy and stamina. We then combined this with the life enhancing Vi-pak® for cellular support and defense against aging free radicals, with omega rich oils, glutathione, grape seed extract and more to help you live healthier, and live younger. Once you are at your desired goal, this “Core” Kit can help keep you vitalized.

8. Can I buy the products separately, and not in the kit?

For the best value, the kits provide savings from $32-$123 off normal retail prices. Should you wish to add more products, you can always do so.

9. Can I use only water for the shake?

The shake is great mixed in water for a low calorie, nutrition rich snack. For meals, we suggest that it be blended with non-fat milk, or soy milk for extra protein and nutrient support.

10. Who should take this product?

Anyone that desires to have a better shape, to lose weight, to get fit, or to build lean muscle!

 11. What are the primary benefits of the Vi-Shape® shake mix?

»» The shake mix provides complete nutrition – fast

»» Helps control appetite

»» Provides bone-healthy calcium

»» Provides heart healthy, low fat protein

»» Helps promote & maintain lean muscle mass

»» Supports protein digestion and nutrient absorption

»» Helps support healthy energy levels while cutting calories

»» Provides fiber benefits for health protection

»» Includes two unique fibers for health, and for hunger control

»» Supports a low glycemic lifestyle

»» Supports healthy metabolism

 11. What are the primary benefits of the Vi-Shape® shake mix? (continued)

Each protein has been specially processed to remove fat, remove lactose, and remove carbohydrates. In addition, we have processed the soy to remove the isoflavones, so there is no estrogenic affect. The “shake mix that tastes like a cake mix” is hard to beat. Try your own taste test! Look at the comparison chart and see how other shakes use more salt, fat and sugar.

 12. What are the primary benefits of the Vi-Slim® metabolism boosting tablet?

»» It helps burn fat

»» Boosts your thermogenic system

»» Helps wake up a tired metabolism

»» Supports healthy blood sugar levels

»» Supports natural insulin function

»» Supports energy while dieting

»» Promotes lean muscle mass

»» Has antioxidant properties

»» Helps inhibit fat production

»» Supports a healthy heart

»» Supports proper immune function

»» Supports cellular recovery

»» Supports cellular energy

»» Supports healthful sleep

»» Supports cognitive function and memory

»» Supports healthy organ function

»» Supports free radical defense

19. What are the primary benefits of the Vi-Trim® appetite control drink mix?

»» Helps control hunger between meals

»» Helps alleviate the stresses of dieting

»» Supports healthy blood sugar levels

»» Boots metabolism and excretion of fat

20. What are the primary benefits of the Shape-Up™ Health Flavors?

Each packet is not just a flavor, they are concentrated nutrition! Chocolate Cardia Care (included in all 3 Bodyby Vi™ kits) has polyphenols, which are great antioxidants and support heart health. Each packet has about the equivalent of 6–8 bars of dark chocolate for only a few calories. Banana Energy Charge (included in the “Shape”and “Transformation” kits) has guarana power to provide a burst of energy that lasts. Strawberry Phyto Power (included in the “Transformation” Kit) has the equivalent of 50 strawberries worth of phytonutrient protective power. Peach Complexion Care (not included in the kits) has glucosamine, biotin, collagen and more to support healthy skin and healthy joints. Orange Everyday Defense (not included in the kits) has immune and detox supporting ingredients.

21. What are the primary benefits of the Vi-pak®?

Studies show that almost 85% of us do not get enough omegas from our diet, and therefore don’t get the head to toe support we need. Combine that with the other nutritional deficiencies, stressful lives, pollution, and other stressors and you can see why the Vi-pak:

22. What are the primary benefits of ViSalus NEURO™?

Most energy drinks are high sugar, high caffeine, high taurine which can make you feel jittery, not alert. Our product is low caffeine, and combines unique nutritional ingredients to help you feel more awake, alert, and refreshed.

 »» Supports energy levels

»» Supports stamina and endurance

»» Supports healthy cognitive function

»» Supports vein health and healthy oxygen transfer


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Weight Management

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 weight management scale Weight ManagementExtra Pounds Put You at Risk!

FACT: An estimated 20% of all cancer deaths in the U.S. are linked to being overweight.

FACT: Deaths from diabetes are projected to grow worldwide by 50% over the next decade.

FACT: Obesity related heart disease kills 17 million yearly.

FACT: The risk of stroke goes up as body weight increases. Those 10-19% overweight have a 50% increased risk of stroke; for people at least 20% overweight and considered obese, the risk doubles.

World Obesity overtakes World Hunger!obeseclipping 289x300 Weight Management

Did you know that for the first time ever the number of overweight people in the world has surpassed the number of starving ones?

Global obesity is on the rise and the latest figures show that the number of overweight people worldwide will double by 2015.

World weight figures are again under the spotlight as the latest figures released by the UN show that there are more overweight people in the world than those who are undernourished.

Obesity is becoming a world health problem as more and more people fail to keep their diets and weight under check and continue to consume diets that are rich in fat and carbohydrates.

Combined with the rise in overweight and obese people, come the inevitable rises in heart attacks, high blood pressure cases and diabetes, never mind the illnesses such as cancer, which can be indirectly associated with obesity as well.

When you look at some of the figures stated below, it is important that you are looking at the figures related to obese people which can be defined as those that are grossly overweight. The statistics related to those that are just overweight are just too frightening to even look at.

Statistics record that America is now the leader in obese people with a conservative figure of 30.6% of all adults being obese. USA is followed by Mexico at 24.2% and the UK at 23%. In the UK alone it is estimated that more than half of the population is overweight.

Prime Causes Of Obesity:

 1) Poor Diet: The western world especially is cursed with the abundance of tasty and tempting fast food outlets, ready to eat meals that are pre-cooked and high in preservatives, foods that are fatty and are rich in carbohydrates. In addition to this, most people eat insufficient fresh fruit and vegetables.  The results of this are excessive weight gain, colon problems and high cholesterol counts.

Simply by reducing the amount of “Quick Food” in your diet and opting for more healthy diet options, and including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet, you will find that you will feel better, have more energy and will start to lose weight. The fresh fruit and vegetables will aid you to regain colon functions thereby reducing your risk of some cancers.

2) Excessive Eating: Everybody knows that the best way to reduce your weight is to reduce your calorie intake by eating less, and to increase your exercise, but few are able to implement these simply requirements of weight loss. One of the huge culprits that cause overeating, or should I say excessive eating, is the age old problem of snacking between meals. Snacking between meals is the factor responsible for most weight gain and our modern world that makes everything convenient, contributes immensely to your weight gain woes. Snacks are readily available from vending machines, corner stores and the local fast food outlet. Chocolates, french fries, hamburgers etc, are available on demand almost anywhere, and so resisting the urge to snack between meals is almost impossible and the resultant weight gain problems are inevitable.

  3) Lack Of Pure Drinking Water: Failing to drink sufficient pure water contributes to obesity. Water is essential to the correct functioning of your body as is the prime means of cleansing and removing toxins and waste from the body. The normal functioning of the body is affected by these toxins which also slow down your metabolism an cause weight gain.

**The average adult should consume approx 2.5t to 3 litres of fresh water per day.

**Research has shown that merely by drinking sufficient quality water, you increase your weight loss results by as much as 25%.

The Solution: 

The ViSalus product line offers simple, complete solutions to help with your weight loss and fitness goals. When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, we all face many of the same obstacles.

ViSalus™ offers exceptional solutions to most Dieter’s three main challenges:

1. Eating right and cutting calories

2. Boosting a tired metabolism and helping with energy

3. Helping calm hunger and the stress of dieting

Best of all, the program provides a simple way to not only lose weight, but to help you keep it off too!

The Body by Vi Challenge takes the power of these products, and gives you a game plan for success.

ViSalus products give your body what it needs to lose weight. No more counting calories or trying to balance how to get the right mix of nutrients within your calorie limit. You can define HOW you use it to meet your lifestyle, even a lifestyle that’s on the go.


Vi-Shape® Nutritional Shake Mix

  • Unique blend of proteins for fast and long-lasting hunger control
  • Low carbohydrates and sodium
  • Aminogen™ for maximum protein absorption
  • Pre-biotic for digestive health
  • 23 vitamins & minerals in an amazing-tasting Sweet Cream flavor

Vi-Slim™ Metabolism Boosting Tablets

  • Chocamine™ (cocoa extract) that boosts your metabolism and mood
  • Increases energy
  • Green tea for thermogenic (calorie burning) activity
  • Evodiamine (a Chinese herb) increases metabolism
  • Helps your body burn fat and promotes lean muscle mass

Vi-Trim™ Take Hold of your Hunger Drink Mix

  • Patent-pending formula calms hunger and increases energy
  • PEA (found in chocolate) helps manage stress
  • Helps prevent fat production
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels

Easy as 1-2-3!

Take the Body By Vi™ 90 Day Challenge and discover your own amazing transformation!


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ViSalus Sciences: Marketing Its Way to the Fast Track

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Featured in Direct Selling News Company Spotlight February 2011 by Barbara Seale

Marketing Its Way to the Fast Track

TransformKit Jan20101 ViSalus Sciences: Marketing Its Way to the Fast Track

Founder and CEO Ryan Blair says that he and his two co-founders spent the company’s first five years learning what not to do. Now that they have found the formula, they’re celebrating a year of 500 percent revenue growth.

RyanBlair11 ViSalus Sciences: Marketing Its Way to the Fast Track           BlakeMallen11 ViSalus Sciences: Marketing Its Way to the Fast Track           Sarnicola1 ViSalus Sciences: Marketing Its Way to the Fast Track

When entrepreneur Blair combined forces with his ViSalus co-founders BlakeMallen and Nick Sarnicola, they had noble intentions to build a health-based business that would benefit business owners and customers over the long term.


Blair says: “We spent the first five years learning what not to do. Then we spent last year not repeating the same mistakes wemade over the first five and doing what works instead. The economic downturn forced us to get focused on what works, andnow we’re at an all-time high in every category. By early 2011, we’ll be in the neighborhood of $10 million a month in sales.”

What turned everything around was a long-lasting flash ofmarketing brilliance called the Body by Vi™ Challenge. TheChallenge has been so successful that it has become thecompany’s foundation.

BBVChallenge ViSalus Sciences: Marketing Its Way to the Fast Track

Shaking Things Up

The simple 90-day program lets participants take advantage of ViSalus health products and support tools to transform their bodies. As a marketing tool, as well as a health-transformation tool, the Challenge has been wildly successful. Since its launch in July 2009, ViSalus estimates to have helped people lose 3 million pounds.

The core ViSalus products are low-calorie, high-nutrition meal replacement shakes. But because of the Challenge, distributors don’t focus on “selling” the products. Instead, they issue a friendly weight-loss challenge. “Let me tell you about these great weight-loss shakes” has transformed into “I’m working on losing 20 pounds in the next 90 days. Anybody want to join me?”

“The Body by Vi Challenge is the business. It’s the only thing we talk about,” Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Blake Mallen says. “It’s a simple conversational message that draws lots of responses. There’s nothing to sell or explain.”
ViSalus crafts products from high-quality ingredients that taste good. Then they develop packaging to conform to Challenge-participants’ goals. For example, the basic “Balance Kit” is targeted to people who simply want better nutrition. It contains 30 servings of the Vi-Shape™ Nutritional Shake Mix for once-a-day balanced nutrition. The kit includes an assortment of Health Flavors, which add flavor variety and even more health benefits to the shake. The Shape Kit includes 60 servings of shake mix, enough for 60 slimming meals—two a day that result in weight loss. The Transformation Kit includes the 60 meals, plus additional products to help people transform their bodies as quickly as possible. The Core Kit helps support the active lifestyle with one shake a day, healthy energy and nutritional supplements. All of the kits come with recipes, meal plans, exercise plans and more.

“Ours tastes really good—sort of like cake mix. We know that if you enjoy it, you’ll stick with it,” says Senior Vice President of Marketing and Brand Development Audrey Sommerfeld. “When mixed as directed, in the shake you get 22 to 25 grams of high-quality protein and a full serving of fiber that keeps your blood sugar level and makes you feel full. Those are the amounts of nutrients nutritionists recommend most. We recommend blending the shake mix with fruit. That makes a 200 to 220 calorie meal that saves you money and is much better for you than most American breakfasts. Use two shakes a day to melt the pounds away.”

The basic light sweet cream flavor that Sommerfeld describes as “like cake mix” is a foundation. It can be enjoyed alone or with added Health Flavors, such as chocolate, cappuccino, banana, orange or peach. Each offers specific health benefits as well as flavor variety. Craving something crunchy? ViSalus also has Nutra-Cookies made with their exclusive Tri-Sorb™ protein system, prebiotics, fiber and antioxidants to support a healthy immune system, healthy digestive system, and help curb appetite. More products are in the works for 2011. Mallen hints that new products will support energy and fitness.

Free Products

The products and the Body by Vi Challenge keep the business opportunity simple, and the Three for Free promotion lets distributors get their products at no cost.

“The whole message is super simple: Lose weight, get fit and save money because 5 1 08 Visalus 142cmyk ViSalus Sciences: Marketing Its Way to the Fast Track you’re replacing meals with our shakes, literally saving people a couple hundred dollars a month,” Mallen says. “Then we layered in Three for Free, which removed all financial objections and barriers. We let our customers and our distributors refer three other people. Then their own products are sent to them free. We’re averaging over $400 in monthly product revenue for every distributor in our company. That’s unheard of! And our retention is dramatically better than the industry average.”

Retention results from several factors, including a strong compensation plan that lets new distributors promote quickly.

“We pay out up to 80 percent payout at the highest levels,” Blair says, “and we have a car bonus at the lowest rank of any competitor we’ve looked at.” More than 1,500 distributors have already qualified for a BMW, making them members of the company’s fancifully named Bimmer Club.

But the comp plan is intentionally skewed toward the bottom and middle ranks of producers, helping them quickly earn income that makes a real difference in a family’s budget.

Youthful Energy

ViSalus distributors’ average is similar to many other companies, but they have a broader range of young, middle-aged and older persons. The top 10 distributorsP10609671 ViSalus Sciences: Marketing Its Way to the Fast Track today tend to be slightly younger than the industry average, possibly attracted by the company’s 30-ish founders, but the age of those high achievers ranges from 31 to 75, Mallen says.

“What’s dramatically different is our image and energy,” he says. “In my opinion, young is no longer an age. It’s more of an energy. Everyone wants to feel young, be young, be around a young, vibrant culture. That’s why we attract people of all ages—we attract a young energy. That’s duplicated throughout our leadership and our whole culture.”

The youthful approach embraces the use of technology. In December, ViSalus launched a powerful new generation of Vi-Net™, the private website that its distributors use. Mallen describes it as “like a private Facebook. It will have a front-end marketing site system, the normal back-office genealogy, real-time commissioning and cool stuff for managing your business. But then it layers in an online community, literally like Facebook. People will be able to see everyone’s challenges and fitness goals. There’s a live community feed. It wraps an entire online community around the Challenge. It’s really big when you see that kind of support.”

The new ViNet is fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Its energetic executives and distributors use it as a standard way of doing business.

Mallen himself sets the standard for activity on social networking sites. He posts videos on Facebook a couple of times a week with content that distributors can share with their personal networks. He often gets about 1,300 views in 24 hours. Technology also supports business presentations, and pre-recorded conference calls are available daily that support distributors’ businesses.

The future is exciting for ViSalus. Mallen says that the eventual revenue goal is $1 billion a year, a figure he believes is attainable within a few years. The ViSalus product portfolio is built years in advance, and the company plans to introduce new products that complement its existing line in 2011. International expansion is also on the horizon, beginning with Canada. And they plan to amp up their consumer-to-consumer business. But through it all, they’ll continue to try not to mess up the formula they’ve refined. It works.

“Our goals are really the same as when we started,” Blair says. “We want to add more value to customers and distributors; we want to get better and make the experience of our customers better. But basically, our ambitions are to continue to help the world lose millions of pounds.”

JoinNow ViSalus Sciences: Marketing Its Way to the Fast Track

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Body By Vi vs Weight Watchers ~ A MUST-READ!

Published by Drink Visalus on July 21st, 2011 - in Health

264299 10150237900794051 667159050 7499986 1239940 n Body By Vi vs Weight Watchers ~ A MUST READ!

ViSalus Sciences Body by Vi™ vs. Weight Watchers:

By Howard Frenia Jr.

A review of two diet plans that are available to consumers. One popular diet plan is Weight Watchers. This article will address the 5 reasons why ViSalus Sciences Body by Vi is superior to Weight Watchers.

Before we continue, you should know that the Vi-Shake is backed with medical and scientific research. And all the Body by Vi Recipes taste great.



Weight Watchers has implemented a point system for its members. Each food is assigned points based on the calories, carbs, fat and fiber present in the food. A person is assigned the allowed number of points for their body weight. The company has attempted to make it easy for people to lose weight. Unfortunately what they have done is to create a group of people who choose foods not on nutritional value but on points.

When nutrition is simplified, as in the points system, foods lose their purpose for the body and are not compared based on their benefit for the body. A hearty multigrain bread is passed up for a white bread because it allows for more points that day is just one example of this faulty logic.

The ViSalus Sciences Body by Vi shakes have been created by leading scientists and doctors in the medical community such as Dr. Michael D. Seidman, M.D. who understand the importance of nutrient dense foods. Body by Vi products steps in where Weight Watchers falls short.

Losing weight is about more than low calories or “points” it is about making sure those calories are coming from high nutrition which is crucial for biological processes.



Sodium is necessary for many biological processes but in excess, it can wreak havoc on the body producing high blood pressure, stroke and many other serious consequences. Losing weight is also affected by sodium. High amounts of sodium cause the body to retain water which can give a person that bloated look.

Weight Watchers has attempted to make healthy eating simple for our fast-paced society with the introduction of frozen foods. Weight Watchers even calculates the point value in each meal making it easy for those on the point plan to eat healthy….or so people think. These meals are actually salt shakers in a box. Frozen meals are notorius for high sodium content and Weight Watchers frozen meals are no different.

These are just a few meals with their sodium content.

*chicken enchiladas 640 mg

*pasta with ricotta and spinach 630 mg

*salisbury steak 900mg

Let’s say that Jon is on Weight Watchers and he is committed to losing weight. He brings pasta with ricotta and spinach to lunch at work and for dinner has the salisbury steak. Well in just those two meals, Jon has consumed over 1,500 mg of sodium.

The guidelines for sodium intake are around 2,300 mg daily, but drop to 1,500 mg per day if you are over 51, have high blood pressure, diabetes or chronic kidney issues.

If Jon in our example is over 51, he is in trouble with his current eating plan. He thinks he’s being healthy based on points when he is in fact headed for trouble.

The Body by Vi Products are just as convenient with only 75mg of sodium. So Jon has taken 1,500 mg of sodium in only 2 meals with Weight Watchers and when he switches to the Body by Vi Shakes and makes a creamy blend with milk, fruit and ice he is only taking in 410 mg of sodium.



When focusing on points of a food it does not teach proper nutrition. A person who has an allotment of 20 points for the day could eat 20 points worth of brownies.  Now I would hope that no one would do this but I have seen countless people on Weight Watchers who do not eat their entire meal or skip lunch to “save up” for that death by chocolate cake later on in the day.

Body by Vi takes this point calculation and turns it into sensible eating with nutrient rich shakes. There is no saving up points. When you skip meals or eat less calories at one meal to binge on the next your metabolism slows down. Our bodies are built for survival.

When you are feeding your body sufficient nutrients frequently, it processes them and gets rid of them because it knows it has more coming soon. When you eat less frequently it tends to hold on to these calories as it goes into survival mode. The body does not know when it will get more nutrients so it stores them as fat to use as fuel in case calories are not available later on. This goes back to the survival mode of the body and is detrimental to weight loss.

With the Body by Vi Shakes you are able to consume high quality nutrition which is required for the body and this prevents the body from going into survival mode. Like an oil change for your car, Body by Vi products help your body to run in tip-top shape.



Weight Watchers and Body by Vi both understand the importance of support and encourage those looking to lose weight to have others join them in their journey.

Let’s say that Sandy joins Weight Watchers and attends a meeting. She learns the power of support and in the next week has her mother, sister and best friend join the weight loss program with her. Well this is great for Weight Watchers, who receive more clients, but what does Sandy get from the company? That’s right nothing.

Sandy decides to join Body by Vi instead and learns about the power of support from others in achieving her weight loss goals. Her mother, sister and best friend also join Body by Vi with her.

What does Body by Vi give Sandy? Her weight loss kit and shakes for free each and every month! As a thank you from the company, she is now losing weight for FREE.

5. WHO IS BEHIND Body By Vi?


So who is behind the Body By Vi products anyway?  Dr. Michael D. Seidman and Steven A. Witherley are two of the main people behind these amazing products.

Dr. Michael D. Seidman M.D. attained a degree in human nutrition as well as his M.D. He is an active scientist as well as consultant for many professional athletes and is an advisor for the NHL,NFL,MLM, and NBA.

Steven A. Witherley, Ph.D is a leading expert in the field of food science, nutrition and product formulation with a Ph.D in human nutrition, M.S in food science and B.s. in nutrition and dietetics. He is a published author and speaker on the science of food.


It is great knowing that a product I recommend to others is backed by science and medicine.

I’m sure you can see the power in Body By Vi. But for those of you who would like to continue counting points the Body By Vi Shake has only 2 points!



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“Shake it up” with ViSalus Sciences Vi-Shape®

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visalus strawberry shake “Shake it up” with ViSalus Sciences Vi Shape®The solution to better health and performance

Q: What is special about the ViSalus Sciences Vi-Shape® protein/meal-replacement shakes

Q: How does protein relate to and affect the human body?

Q: What are the health benefits?

Q: How important is it to our daily diets?

Q: What are the best sources for good quality protein and why?

We will explore these questions and more regarding the importance of protein to the human body and why the solution to better health and performance is ViSalus Sciences Vi-Shape®.

Firstly, protein makes up the second greatest portion of our body weight. Proteins are vital to life and it provides the structure in all living things.

Your muscles are made of protein and the amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Making sure that you’re eating a diet rich in highly absorbable protein sources has a lot of positive effects.

MYTH: Excess protein cannot turn into fat or be stored as fat and eating too much protein will only result in your kidneys flushing it out.

In addition, to keep our muscles healthy and to prevent them from atrophying, as we get older it’s essential that we eat a protein rich diet and exercise. It’s easy to see why it’s so important to eat an efficient amount of a complete protein in our daily diets.

Understanding the importance of protein for your body:

Protein is an important component of every cell in the body. Hair and nails are mostly made of protein. Your body uses protein to build and repair tissues. You also use protein to make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals. Protein is an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.

Along with fat and carbohydrates, protein is a “macronutrient,” meaning that the body needs relatively large amounts of it. Vitamins and minerals, which are needed in only small quantities, are called “micronutrients.” But unlike fat and carbohydrates, the body does not store protein, and therefore has no reservoir to draw on when it needs a new supply.

So you may assume the solution is to eat protein all day long. Not so fast, say nutritionists.

The truth is, we need less total protein than you might think. But we could all benefit from getting more protein from better food sources. The key is to consume the right kind of high quality protein to get the highest level of absorption with the most nutrition benefits and formulated in the proper amounts for effectiveness.

ViSalus Sciences Vi-Shape® offers a special patented and patent pending combination of tri-blend proteins and fiber to make one of the most complete and effective meal replacement shakes on the market. A quick snapshot of the shake mix (that tastes like cake mix) include:

  • Unique tri-blend of proteins for fast and long-lasting hunger control and effective nutrition source
  • Low carbohydrates and sodium
  • Aminogen™ for maximum protein absorption
  • Pre-biotic for digestive health
  • 23 vitamins & minerals in an amazing-tasting Sweet Cream flavor

In this article, we will explore the three types of proteins (tri-blend) used in the ViSalus Vi-Shape® and why they are so effective in overall nutrition, weight loss and fitness performance.

(Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, and Soy Protein Isolate)

Whey Protein Concentrate:

Whey protein is a high quality, complete protein, with all the essential amino acids. It is often referred to as the “Gold Standard” of protein as it is the most nutritious protein available. Whey protein is also the richest known source of naturally occurring branched chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine). These are important for active individuals, individuals who exercise and professional athletes. The body requires higher amounts of branched chain amino acids during and following exercise as they are taken up directly by the skeletal muscles versus first being metabolized through the liver, like other amino acids. Low BCAA levels contribute to fatigue and they should be replaced in one-hour or less following exercise or participation in a competitive event. Many athletes consume a whey protein beverage both before and immediately after exercise or an event to help repair and rebuild lean muscle tissue.

Adding whey protein to the diet is a great way to jump-start a weight loss program. Whey protein is a key ingredient in numerous weight loss and meal replacement products and whey protein isolate (with no fat or carbohydrates) is often the preferred choice. Studies have found that individuals who combine diets with leucine rich protein foods, like whey protein, and exercise have more lean muscle tissue and they lose more body fat. As they lose fat their metabolic rate increases and they naturally burn more calories each day. Another way that whey protein helps manage weight is by promoting satiety, or a feeling of fullness. One recent study showed that whey protein was superior to casein, the other protein in cow’s milk, in promoting satiety (This is the feeling you have when hunger goes away, without feeling full).

A few facts about whey protein:

  • Whey protein is a nutritionally complete protein. It contains bioactive ingredients, like immunoglobulins and lactoferrin, which help support the immune system.
  • Athletes prefer whey protein to soy protein due to its rich abundance of branched chain amino acids and its quick absorption rate. These are important to help repair and rebuild muscles after a workout or competitive event.
  • Whey protein has a fresh, neutral taste compared and will not change the taste of foods you add it to.

Whey protein does not contain isoflavones or any other components with potential hormonal effects.

Whey Protein Hydrolysate:

In addition to whey protein concentrate, there is also whey protein hydrolysate. What is whey protein Hydrolysate? Whey Hydrolysate undertakes higher processing than either whey isolate or concentrate and it is consequently is the highest quality protein.

Whey hydrolysate is easy on the digestive system and has a high absorption rate. The high absorption rate means it is the most effective type of whey protein to take either pre or post workout. The high protein content means only a small amount is needed. Whey hydrolysate can be absorbed in anywhere between 10 and 30 minutes*. It is not really suitable for just the casual ‘snack meal’ as it contains so little biologically active proteins (these are destroyed during the amount of processing hydrolysate undergoes.) However, when combined with other proteins, the result is an effective, highly absorbable protein source for a “meal replacement” or as a recovery drink.

*Based on a serving in water on an empty stomach. Absorption rates can vary if taken on empty stomachs or with other delivery systems i.e. milk instead of water.

***Based on information gathered from Muscle and Fitness Magazine December 2008

**NOTE: We will discuss the final piece of the tri-blend of proteins, Soy protein isolate, in a moment, but first we will look at some of the health benefits of Whey Protein.

 A few facts about whey protein:

  • Whey protein is a nutritionally complete protein. It contains bioactive ingredients, like immunoglobulins and lactoferrin, which help support the immune system.
  • Athletes prefer whey protein to soy protein due to its rich abundance of branched chain amino acids and its quick absorption rate. These are important to help repair and rebuild muscles after a workout or competitive event.
  • Whey protein has a fresh, neutral taste compared and will not change the taste of foods you add it to.
  • Whey protein does not contain isoflavones or any other components with potential hormonal effects.


Benefits of Whey Protein for weight loss: Whey Protein And Weight Loss 200x300 “Shake it up” with ViSalus Sciences Vi Shape®

Both adult and childhood obesity is a growing problem in the western world. Being obese or overweight greatly increases the risks of suffering from these conditions (to name but a few:)

• High Cholesterol Levels
• High Blood Pressure
• Diabetes
• Heart Disease
• Stroke

It therefore is important to keep your weight at a healthy level, via correct diet and exercise. Including whey protein in this diet can further assist fat loss. It does this in a number of different ways. Your body will burn more calories after taking a protein-based meal. More energy is required by the body to breakdown proteins. Appetite suppressing hormones, such as glucagon-like-peptide-1 and cholecystokinin are released by bioactive components of whey protein.

By drinking a whey protein shake in between your main meals, your appetite and urge to snack is reduced by the release of these hormones. When used as a meal replacement, the additional effects on the body result in increased rate of weight loss. In studies on whey protein, published by the British Journal of Nutrition it was concluded that “…whey protein alone appears to have the predominant influence accounting for 70% of the overall effect on body-weight gain.”

*This was after controlled studies that determined whey protein was conclusive in preventing gains in body weight. Other studies have found that “Whey Protein is the best protein for fat loss during energy restricted diets, when combined with exercise.”**

Whey protein delays absorption of glucose into the bloodstream. This delays the release of insulin from the pancreas. While a benefit for diabetics, this also allows the body to burn off more fat and so is of advantage in terms of weight management too. Whey protein has high amounts of the amino acid Leucine, so while it can help weight loss, whey protein also prevents loss of lean muscle tissue. This will help with accompanying exercise to build muscle and show off definition.

*Cambridge University Press


imagesCAXVHQAF 150x150 “Shake it up” with ViSalus Sciences Vi Shape®The Benefit of Whey Protein in TYPE 2 DIABETES

Type 2 diabetes is a growing health problem, largely in part to the continued rise in obesity. It is not unique to adults and is becoming more of a concern for children and teenagers.

Type 2 diabetes is when the pancreas in the body does not produce enough insulin, or the body cannot effectively use the insulin. The usual solutions, depending on severity, are anything from diet control, to insulin stimulating drugs or a combination of both drugs and insulin to be taken.

Type 2 diabetes can be due to a number of reasons: family history, having given birth to a baby weighing 9lbs or more and poor weight management and obesity in adults and teenagers.

These factors and more can contribute to the development of Type 2 diabetes. There are a number of symptoms associated with diabetes, including: blurred vision, increased thirst, drinking more water, passing urine more frequently, increased tiredness and slow healing wounds.

If you are suffering from any of the above, diabetes may be the reason so you should see a medical practitioner just in case.

Whey protein powder can be beneficial to diabetes sufferers because it has the highest biological value of any known protein. This means it is a good source of protein for diabetics whose intake may be suffering due to altered diets. Also, whey protein can help manage blood glucose levels. It is suggested by some that higher protein levels can stimulate insulin production from the pancreas. According to though, further studies may be required to confirm the insulin stimulating effect.

In addition, Whey protein also slows the absorption of carbohydrates, such as glucose, into the bloodstream.

It has been claimed that taking whey protein when you are diabetic is a bad thing because of a condition known as Aminoacidemia. This is when there are too many amino acids in the blood and insulin production could be affected. However, according to a representative from, studies published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers never stated aminoacidemia as an adverse affect.


Whey Protein in Assisting the Body to Heal Wounds

Protein is important as we have seen in many functions and processes in the body. When the body is injured and undergoes the healing process, it requires an increased amount of protein. Protein and its amino acids are the building blocks that are required in the growth of new skin to replace the damaged tissue. Inadequate amounts of protein or the use of lower quality proteins may delay the healing process.

The protein demand by the body is also increased due to requirements in the immune response, the inflammatory response and in the formation of what is known as Granulation tissue.

This is a connective tissue that replaces a fibrin clot in healing wounds. It develops ‘base-first’ to fill the wound and is the final stages of the healing. Whey Protein also contains a globular protein called Lactoferrin. Lactoferrin contains antimicrobial properties that assist the body’s immune system. One of the ways it does this is to block bacteria and viruses binding to host cells in the body.

Whey protein also contains components with protective anti-microbial properties, such as lactoferrin. In recent years companies have introduced mouthwashes and oral care products containing these protective whey protein components. The companies are taking advantage of the unique features of whey protein to create new products for diabetics and others sensitive to oral irritations. This area is expected to evolve in the future.

Benefits of Whey Protein for Cancer Sufferers

Being diagnosed with cancer must be a traumatic and emotional time for both the sufferer and their relatives and friends. Treatment is ever advancing, with drugs, radiation therapy and chemotherapy being just some of the ways the medical world is fighting against Cancer. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy do have their side effects on a patient however. These can include: fatigue nausea, sickness, anemia to name just a few.

Nausea and sickness can in turn lead to a lack of appetite and the individual’s nutritional intake can suffer. Protein is part of this nutritional intake and whey protein can be of great benefit to cancer patients. It is a high source of quality protein, easily available to the body and more importantly in this circumstance it is easily digestible for the patient.

As mentioned earlier, whey protein is abundant in amino acids. One such amino acid is Cysteine. Cysteine can raise the levels of the antioxidant glutathione. Levels are also raised within lymphocytes, which help fight infection, which can help when immune systems are weakened by chemotherapy.

In addition, high cysteine levels can inhibit growth of some cancer cells. Findings presented in 2003 showed that women with the greatest levels of cysteine had a 56% lower chance of developing invasive breast cancer than those with the lowest levels. Risk of colon cancer may also be reduced as cysteine has been proved to reduce the production of particular cells lining the colon.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are taking regular medication or treatment please discuss with your medical practitioner first so they are aware you are taking supplements. Under no circumstances should you replace any medication you are taking for your treatment with whey protein powder or any other protein supplement.


The final piece of the tri-blend of proteins is Soy protein isolate:

Soy protein isolate supplies a high quality of protein that contains all essential amino acids needed for growth. Soy protein isolate is equal in quality to animal products and is almost fat free containing less than 1 percent fat and unlike animal products contains no cholesterol and little or no saturated fat.

In addition to the excellent quality of soy protein, scientists have found that soy protein may help reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering blood cholesterol and increasing the flexibility of blood vessels. The FDA has approved a health claim stating that “25 grams of soy protein in a daily diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol can help reduce total and LDL cholesterol that is moderately high to high.” Much of the human and animal research on the health benefits of soy has been conducted using isolated soy protein and should testify to its short-term safety and efficacy.

Important bio-active components found naturally in soybeans are being studied in relationship to relieving menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes, maintaining healthy bones, and preventing prostate, breast, and colorectal cancers. The content of bio-active components in soy protein isolate varies from product to product depending on how the soy protein is processed.

genisoy soybenifits3 “Shake it up” with ViSalus Sciences Vi Shape®

Soy for Heart Disease

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. The American Heart Association notes that heart disease is the number one killer of American women.

imagesCAV00KM0 150x150 “Shake it up” with ViSalus Sciences Vi Shape®Making significant changes in your diet and lifestyle can help improve your overall health and decrease your risk of developing heart disease. If you already suffer from heart disease then including soy in your diet may decrease your risk of a heart attack and benefit your overall health. Here’s why:

Read the Label: The Food and Drug Administration approved a health claim for foods that contain at least 6.25 grams of soy. The health claim states that, “25 grams of soy protein a day, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease.”

Soyfoods Can Replace Less Healthy Foods: Soyfoods are a source of high-quality protein and, unlike many other sources of high-quality protein, soyfoods are low in saturated fat and cholesterol-free. Soyfoods come in a variety of forms, everything from soy sausages to soy flour, so it is easy to replace foods and ingredients in your diet with healthy soyfoods and soy ingredients. So try a soy burger; you won’t be able to tell the difference, but your heart will!

Soyfoods Can Lower Your Bad Cholesterol: Soyfoods are a tasty way to lower your LDL (bad) cholesterol and increase your HDL (good) cholesterol. Soyfoods also include dietary fiber, high quality protein, iron, essential fatty acids, and other important nutrients.

Soy for Healthy Weight

Avoiding over-eating, while increasing physical activity is the key to losing weight.  Soyfoods can aid in your weight loss program by saving calories and fat when eaten in place of food high in fat.  Soyfoods contain fewer calories, less total fat and saturated fat, and more fiber than other sources of high-quality protein.  For example, you can save 90 calories and 3 grams of saturated fat by substituting 2 soy links for 2 pork sausage links.

Soy and Weight Loss: Plant protein, such as soy, may play a key role in controlling calorie intake.  Protein may increase satiety—or make you feel full—more than carbohydrates.  This means that eating healthy soy protein, in the form of soyfoods, can make you feel full and limit your craving for more food.

Soy and the 2005 Dietary Guidelines: In addition to aiding with weight loss, soyfoods fit into the USDA MyPyramid guidelines as a healthy protein source.

The ViSalus Sciences Vi-Shape® has taken these three, highly effective, highlyvi shape drink 148x150 “Shake it up” with ViSalus Sciences Vi Shape® absorbable and efficient sources of protein and combined them to make a complete shake for meal replacement to aid in weight loss and as a performance and recovery shake for those looking for improved fitness development.

The ViSalus product line offers simple, complete solutions to help with your weight loss, nutrition and fitness goals. When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, we all face many of the same obstacles.

ViSalus™ offers exceptional solutions to most Dieter’s three main challenges:

1. Eating right and cutting calories

2. Boosting a tired metabolism and helping with energy

3. Helping calm hunger and the stress of dieting

ViSalus has taken the guesswork out of it. Best of all, the program provides a simple way to not only lose weight, but to help you keep it off too!

The Body by Vi Challenge takes the power of these products, and gives you a game plan for success.

imagesCA3NMKTY “Shake it up” with ViSalus Sciences Vi Shape®ViSalus products give your body what it needs to lose weight. No more counting calories or trying to balance how to get the right mix of nutrients within your calorie limit. You can define HOW you use it to meet your lifestyle, even a lifestyle that’s on the go.

So whether you are supplementing for increased performance and recovery, adding valuable nutrition to your diet for improving health, or like many people, in need to lose a little or even a lot of weight…. ViSalus Sciences Vi-Shape® is your solution to better health and a better life.

Start your fitness or weight loss transformation today!



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Body By Vi Challenge Featured in Direct Selling News “Transforming the Masses: Why Weight Loss Products Are Thriving in a Bad Economy”

Published by Drink Visalus on July 18th, 2011 - in Health

Transforming the Masses: Why Weight Loss Products Are Thriving in a Bad Economy

Originally featured in Direct Selling News:  January 2011 “Transforming the Masses: Why Weight Loss Products Are Thriving in a Bad Economy” by J.M. Emmert

0111coverstory Body By Vi Challenge Featured in Direct Selling News “Transforming the Masses: Why Weight Loss Products Are Thriving in a Bad Economy”

iStock 000010771587Medium Body By Vi Challenge Featured in Direct Selling News “Transforming the Masses: Why Weight Loss Products Are Thriving in a Bad Economy”

While the economic downturn of the past few years has forced many consumers to tighten their belts on discretionary spending habits, sales of weight loss products has remained consistent and, in many instances, experienced tremendous growth over other products offered by the direct selling industry.

For companies that offer weight loss or weight management products, that means good news for thebottom line. However, that good news comes tempered with the knowledge that the success of these companies is in large part due to the failures of millions of Americans who continue to struggle with weight issues.

Sadly, more than two-thirds of the American population—190 million people—are overweight or obese. The neglect to their health is generating long-reaching effects that ripple into the economy, the workforce and the medical industry, which currently exceeds $147 billion annually for obesity-related diseases.

The problems associated with the escalating obesity rate—like weight loss solutions—have no easy fix. However, direct selling companies are doing what they can to help those suffering from weight issues find alternative ways to live healthier and more fulfilled lives. Even in these recessionary times, companies are growing this segment of their businesses and new companies are forming to meet the increased demand.

Why Business Is Thriving

“You only have to watch the news every day to hear about the obesity epidemic that’s taking place and the quality of the food that everybody’s eating,” says Kevin Guest, Chief Marketing Officer for USANA. “The health issues, the diabetes epidemic that’s taking place across the board—there’s a significant relationship among weight, nutrition and many of the degenerative diseases that are plaguing our world. So we see this as a very viable business.”

The challenge, says Guest, is getting people to change their behavior, change their habits and change those things which they are accustomed to and comfortable with.

“Many times we see that it’s not until they have a health crisis in their life that they are really motivated to make a big change,” he says. “And so our challenge in that space is it’s hard to sell prevention. People are pretty comfortable, and selling prevention is a difficult sell.”

USANA, which focuses on a nutrition message and not a weight loss message, offers meal replacement shakes and nutrition bars as part of its overall diet and energy program. In addition, its biggest seller, the RESET weight management system, encourages customers to reset their bodies and reset their cravings. The nutritional-based product, which consists of low-glycemic ingredients to control carbohydrate cravings, represents about 12 percent of the company’s overall business.

At Herbalife, more than 60 percent of the company’s business is weight management. Products targeted to dieters include shakes and snacks that help them lose those unwanted pounds.

“Obesity continues to be a global health problem, and so weight management products are in high demand as people become more aware of the benefits of incorporating healthy nutrition into an active healthy life,” says Des Walsh, President of Herbalife. “Weight management products are popular because they can be life-changing, and their effects can spill over into other aspects of one’s life. It’s about more than just buying a product; it’s about changing habits to improve one’s life.”

broccoli pills Body By Vi Challenge Featured in Direct Selling News “Transforming the Masses: Why Weight Loss Products Are Thriving in a Bad Economy”Herbalife, which also offers energy and fitness drinks, vitamins, nutritional supplements and skin and hair care products, recently reported that net sales for the third quarter of 2010 had increased 14.7 percent over the same quarter the prior year.

For ViSalus Sciences, the shift in its business model in July 2009 due to the recession led to a 90 percent weight loss focus. As a result of that focus, the company went from adding 12,000 new people a year to 12,000 new people a month.

“When we were looking at who we wanted to be and what we could be passionate about, how we could live this business as founders and management, weight loss and fitness were the only two things that were really consistent among all of us,” says Ryan Blair, CEO of ViSalus. “If we love what we do and try to do what’s best for our customers and really focus on providing them value, we’re going to win. In a bad economy, people don’t have discretionary spending and are going to cut anything and everything that is not necessary to the functioning of their daily lives. We added a lot of value to our consumers in terms of saving them time, getting them results and saving them money.”

The ViSalus product line offers solutions for eating right, cutting calories, boosting metabolism and calming hunger pains, which is all part of its Body by Vi Challenge that provides customers with a game plan for success.

“I’m a firm believer that a big element of our success is the fact that I’m a product of our products and I’ve dealt with the challenges of weight,” says Blair. “So I know firsthand exactly what people go through—the mindset, the decisions, the lack of clarity.”

EIRO Research, which has been in business for only a year, has had a phenomenal first 12 months with its weight loss products.

“For us, the weight loss business is a rapidly growing segment of our product mix,” says Chris Hausman, CEO of EIRO. “Obesity continues to be a problem. It’s a growing problem in the United States. I think it will continue to be a viable category for the company for quite some time based on an analysis that came out recently stating that certain trends, as well as genetic and biological factors, calculate the steady state of obesity to reach 42 percent in the United States.”

The company’s EIROfit weight management system includes energy shakes and diet and exercise guidelines to help customers achieve meaningful and sustainable weight management. Its meal replacement shake is a proprietary blend of resistant starch and fiber for optimal wellness and weight management.

Amway, which has seen sales for weight management products flat in recent years, anticipates growth in this category due to a unique product offering that aims to solve weight challenges for consumers: The new NUTRILITE Weight Management Program.

Based in genetic science, the program has customers begin with the Inherent Health Weight Management Genetic Test, a simple cheek swab that generates a report within days. The test results include a personalized plan backed by clinical studies and strong genetic science to show if a person should follow a Carb Reducer (low-carb), Fat Trimmer (low-fat) or Better Balancer (balance of protein, fats and carbs) eating plan, as well as the level of exercise intensity to be followed for best results based on one’s genetic makeup.

“Science has proven that you are more likely to lose weight following an eating and exercise plan matched to your specific genetic makeup,” says Mark Nelson, Director of Nutrition for Amway North America. “In a recent clinical study, people lost over 2.5 times more weight on a diet that was matched to their genes than those who were following a diet inappropriately matched to their genetic makeup.”

Nelson notes that additional weight translates into an increased risk for serious medical conditions, including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, sleep apnea, respiratory problems and osteoarthritis. The company believes that the NUTRILITE product line will be a valuable addition to its overall health and wellness business, which includes NUTRILITE nutritional supplements, sports nutrition, energy drinks and functional foods and the weight management products that account for the largest share of its business in North America.

AdvoCare, a nutrition company specializing in health and wellness, weight management, vibrant energy and sports performance since 1993, has seen sales go up 40 percent for its weight loss and energy products.

“The reason [sales are] sustaining for us is that people are looking to sustain their weight loss,” says Jan Wold, Vice President of Marketing for AdvoCare. “Once they lose the weight, they want to continue that. How do you do that? You do that with good nutrition, you do that by becoming active, you do that through increased fitness. And those are all product solutions that we offer.”

Those solutions include the 24-Day Challenge Bundle, a comprehensive weight loss system of shakes, supplements and snacks.

Health vs. ImageiStock 000011717307Medium Body By Vi Challenge Featured in Direct Selling News “Transforming the Masses: Why Weight Loss Products Are Thriving in a Bad Economy”

While health concerns are very real and valid for many purchasers of weight loss products, some executives believe that another motivation is driving the purchasing of their products—body image.

At Nature’s Sunshine Products Inc.—which offers MetaboStart Plus to boost metabolism, reduce stored fats and feed lean muscle—the belief is that the motivation for buying really depends on the person. “Health or body image… I think people are concerned with both,” saysiStock 000010356958Small Body By Vi Challenge Featured in Direct Selling News “Transforming the Masses: Why Weight Loss Products Are Thriving in a Bad Economy” Blake Christensen, Director of Product Marketing for Nature’s Sunshine. “Not only is it image for a lot of people, but it is because they have poor health. A major factor with weight loss these days is diabesity. A lot of people are becoming diabetic as well as being overweight. What makes us unique is that we have the products to help maintain normal blood sugar levels that people can get on while they are doing a weight loss program.”

Herbalife’s Walsh believes the motivation may be driven by both concerns, as well as the age of consumers. “We think it’s a little of both, but primarily driven by a

iStock 000003106637Small Body By Vi Challenge Featured in Direct Selling News “Transforming the Masses: Why Weight Loss Products Are Thriving in a Bad Economy” growing awareness of the importance of healthy nutrition and the negative impact of being overweight or obese,” says Walsh. “In addition, we have an aging population in many markets. People want a program that’s personalized to their specific nutritional needs, and this is where Herbalife distributors can add significant value in helping customers achieve their weight loss and nutrition goals.”

Sales spikes in January and the summer months at companies such as USANA, Amway, ViSalus and AdvoCare lead some executives to believe that many buyers are more concerned about improving their body image or self-esteem.

“I would say the physical appearance, image, self-esteem is the No. 1 driver,” says Blair. “On January 1, when people are writing their goals, I don’t think it’s because the doctor told them ‘you’ve got to lose the weight.’ Those would be the more advanced stages of obesity and extreme health-related issues. There are certainly people who join our challenge because they know they have to, not because they want to. However, a larger portion joins because they want to look better for their husbands, their wives; they want to fit in a pair of jeans that they keep putting on and taking off. They know that they’ve let themselves lapse, and they want to get back on track. And they don’t want to take a shortcut.”

Guest agrees that body image is the concern of many and the impetus for the growing market segment that caters to those seeking to improve their appearance. “There are a few groups out in the marketplace that focus on body image, and they are really, really doing well,” he says. “And so I think body image is part of it. From a USANA perspective, though, our concern is health and nutrition. That is what we’re talking about and what we’re trying to get people engaged in—taking an active approach to improving their health, and once it’s improved, to maintain it. So our focus here is not body image; it’s truly ‘find your best healthy self,’ so to speak.”

Of course, as Wold points out, there is one other driver that could be just as important as the health or body image concerns—the fact that people simply don’t know how to diet successfully. “They need assistance,” she says. “A lot of people start out because they are overweight and have no energy. They can’t exercise properly. They have a host of other problems, but once they start losing weight they realize that they see relief from the diabetes and joint problems. It ends up being all-encompassing at the end of the day, especially for those who lose significant amounts of weight. And AdvoCare products work. We’ve seen success after success after success with our weight loss and energy products.”

Who’s Buying

So who is it making these lifestyle changes, regardless of whether they’re for health or self-esteem reasons? Virtually everyone—from teens to septuagenarians, at-home moms to athletes, and even entire families. While some companies see a marked difference in gender purchasing—that women do the majority of the buying—weight loss products have been designed with everyone in mind.

“It’s equal because we designed it to be equal,” says Blair. “Culturally, we have young males who founded the company, and so it’s really for us to identify with our male target audience, our under-50 male audience. However, we wanted the design to be gender-neutral. We wanted to give families the opportunity for everyone to get involved.”

“Amway’s NUTRILITE Weight Management is a highly personalized program that is for you, regardless of age, gender, fitness level, and so forth,” says Nelson. “Our sensible eating plans support both the parent who needs to prepare dinner for the whole family or the individual who cooks for one.”

Nature’s Sunshine is one company that has seen a large number of women coming into the business and purchasing products. “About 85 percent of the people who become a member of Nature’s Sunshine are women,” says Christensen. “The biggest age category is the baby boomers, about a 59-year-old female, which is probably older than the norm. The simple reason for this may be because we have been around for 40 years, and a lot of our customers have been with us for a long time.”

Herbalife doesn’t have precise data on gender and age groups, although Walsh acknowledges that women may outnumber men in purchases. “Men and women both buy our products, although it’s probably safe to say that women may be bigger consumers of certain products than men,” he says. “We also have a significant number of athletes as customers, since these individuals are always looking to improve their performance, and through our sponsorships, we have a growing awareness of our products and their value in sports nutrition.”

Maintaining Weight, Maintaining Customers

For most people, losing weight is only part of the battle. The real challenge comes after the pounds have been dropped and the realization hits that losing weight is not about a quick fix—it’s about a lifestyle change.

Direct selling companies understand this as well and have carefully designed their weight management programs to address those long-term needs, thus, in effect, maintaining their customer bases and realizing greater profit margins.

USANA offers ongoing education on the importance of nutrition, stressing to its customers that through the right combination of proper nutrition, exercise and a healthy diet, they can maintain not only their ideal weight but also the new lifestyle transformation that comes with their efforts.

“The focus for us really is a lifestyle change,” says Guest. “As you see results, you’re not just dieting, but you’re literally changing your lifestyle, you’re reprogramming your body. It’s not the same as it was before you started.”

At EIRO Research, customers are guided through two phases of a weight management program that was designed to help change behavior and, most important, be simple enough to follow to accommodate today’s busy lifestyles.

“We gathered a lot of data showing mainly that the products were not so important; the specific ratios of carbohydrates to calories to proteins and fat, not so critical. What was most critical was getting people to stick to the program,” says Hausman. “In the induction phase, you lose the weight, and there are product regimes and dietary and exercise guidelines specifically designed for that. Once the weight is off, then you move into the maintenance stage, where we have specific products and regimes as well.”

Companies such as Herbalife manage to draw in repeat customers for the personalized programs they offer. “Our company is focused on more than just weight loss; we’re focused on creating customers of good nutrition for life,” says Walsh. “We have products to help people manage their weight on an ongoing basis and products to help meet needs at different stages. Our customers stay with us, because they realize by working through their distributor they’re getting a personalized program with someone who gets to know their needs and lifestyles and how to help them improve their overall nutrition throughout their lives.”

Of course, the key for any company to retain customers is to provide a positive customer experience. “If you get customers results and have a positive experience with them, those customers will buy for life,” says Blair. “I don’t care if they lose all their weight in 30, 90 or 120 days; I want to get them the results. And we’re really focused on creating positive experiences with our customer and distributor bases. If a person decides not to use our products after they’ve lost the weight, great. When someone asks them how they did it, they’re going to refer us proudly. Our motto is to give the customer the best experience, the best results, and they’ll do the selling for you.”

Transforming Lives

As Americans look for wellness solutions to combat their struggles with weight and the myriad of health issues associated with obesity, direct selling companies are on the front lines, arming consumers with the products and knowledge they need to reverse the alarming health trends and help create positive lifestyle changes.

Through new scientific research and data, quality nutritional foods and supplements and weight-management programs that teach the benefits of healthier living, these companies have successfully impacted millions of lives.

And what has perhaps brought about the greatest success for these companies is one intangible that continues to draw in customers—the personalized care and honest goodwill that encourages those in need to live well and live long. This gives direct sellers a competitive edge over other channels that will help them continue to thrive for many years to come.

“To be a weight loss company and to really profit from the channel, you have to live it, you have to be it,” says Blair. “Our goal is not to show you befores and afters and unattainables. Our goal is to show you somebody who was unhappy with their weight, whether it be for health or for self-esteem reasons, and now they’re happy with their weight. That’s true transformation.”

Originally featured in Direct Selling News:  January 2011 “Transforming the Masses: Why Weight Loss Products Are Thriving in a Bad Economy” by J.M. Emmert


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